Trump Insists His Soul is White

Donald Trump (Marc Nozell)
Donald Trump (Marc Nozell)

By Billy Dane

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has engaged in an ill-advised war of words with the Khan family, Muslims whose son was killed defending his troops in Iraq.

After Khizr Khan lambasted Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric at the Democratic National Convention, the real estate mogul responded by saying he had no business criticizing him. Trump’s comments have been widely criticized, even by Republicans.

Khan responded in an interview on CNN by calling Trump a “black soul.”

“He is a black soul, and this is totally unfit for the leadership of this country,” said Khan in an appearance on “State of the Union.” “The love and affection that we have received affirms that our grief ― that our experience in this country has been correct and positive. The world is receiving us like we have never seen. They have seen the blackness of his character, of his soul.”

Trump responded in an interview on WEWH radio.

“My soul is clean, I can assure,” he said. “My soul is as white as a sheet.”

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