Bakker Wants Trump to Ban Nation of Islam

Jim Bakker (YouTube)
Jim Bakker (YouTube)

By Michael Hoult

Televangelist Jim Bakker seems to be deathly afraid of Muslims. He called on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to not only ban Muslim immigration but also ban the Nation of Islam.

“It’s right there in their name,” said Bakker on his television show. “They are affiliated with Islam, first and foremost and can’t be trusted.”

However, the Nation of Islam is a black nationalist sect, created by African Americans, which is not recognized by mainstream Muslims.

Bakker regularly hosts guests on his show who warn about the threat of Muslims.

Zach Drew, co-host of “The Jim Bakker Show,” recently went on a rant about Muslim immigrants coming here to destroy the country, according to Right Wing Watch.

“According to their text, they want to bring chaos to the world, they look for that because from chaos, they believe their Mahdi will appear,” said Drew said. “ … They’re not coming here for their American Dream, they’re coming here to destroy America.”

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