Right-Wing Commentators Claim Liberals Don’t Watch The NFL

Eric Bolling
By Mary Washington

Right-wing commentator Michael Savage has come to the defense of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who is complaining about the scheduling of the upcoming debates with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Trump has threatened to boycott the debates because they clash with NFL games. Although Trump claims the scheduling is proof the debates are rigged, political watchers say he is looking for a way out of debating Clinton.

Savage supported Trump claiming most NFL fans would avoid watching the debates because of the scheduling clash.

“This is proof the system is rigged against conservatives,” said Savage in a segment on his radio. “We all know limp-wristed, latte-drinking liberal fags don’t watch football.”

Savage’s comments were echoed by FOX News commentator Eric Bolling, according to Media Matters.

“I think this is terrible. I think they can move the debate. You can move it by a day or move it by several hours. Move the debate,” said Bolling on FOX News. “… Because most of the people watching the NFL are the conservative right-wingers, not the left-wingers.”

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