Trump Tries To Fight Homeless Man

Donald Trump (Digg)
Donald Trump (Digg)

By Alan Gordon

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is veering off the rails. In less than a week he picked a fight with the family of a dead soldier, threw a baby out a campaign speech and demanded to change the dates of the debates because they clash with NFL games. Now reports are coming out that he almost got into a fight with a homeless person.

According to the Conservative Chronicle, Trump was accosted by a homeless man at a campaign stop in Florida. When the man asked him for change, Trump told to him to get a job. The vagrant responded by saying. “Why don’t you get your whore of a wife some clothes.”

Trump was so incensed he had to be restrained by two Secret Service agents.

Violence is not uncommon at Trump rallies.

Trump has encouraged his supporters to violently assault people who disrupt his campaign appearances. According to Raw Story, a man who tried to hold up a sign at Trump rally in Pennsylvania was hit and shoved by Trump supporters.

Silver Springs Police Chief Chris Raubenstein said the demonstrator had a right to protest the event.

“People got to realize that just because you disagree with someone, doesn’t mean you can punch people,” said Raubenstine in an interview with PennLive.

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