Trump Urges Military To Remove Obama If He Refuses to Leave in 2017

By Jamal Whiteman

Not satisfied with being accused of treason for his dalliances with Russia, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is now threatening insurrection by urging the American military to rise up if President Barack Obama refuses to leave the White House in 2017.

“The whole system is corrupt,” said Trump at a campaign stop in Florida. “I could see Obama refusing to leave the White House when I win. If he does that, I suggest the military make him leave.”

Trump is not the first Republican to suggest the military forcibly removing Obama. The idea was also proposed by right-wing activist Larry Klayman.

Republicans have long promoted the rumor that Obama is trying to seek a third term.

Joseph Farah, editor of conspiracy site World Net Daily, recently suggested that Obama might refuse to hand over to Trump, according to Right Wing Watch.

“The question this harsh, unprecedented attack by a sitting president on a major-party nominee to succeed him raises should be obvious: What happens if Donald Trump wins the election in November?” said Farah in an article on the site. “ … If no one else will ask the question, I will: ‘Mr. President, if Donald Trump wins the election to become the next president of the United States, will you willingly and peacefully leave office and cooperate fully with the transition of power the way all of your predecessors in the White House have done in the past?’”

World Net Daily was one of the leading promoters of the idea that Obama was not born in America. The site has also run articles suggesting Obama wants to build a Death Star and intentionally spark an Ebola outbreak in the United States.

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  • Paul Vander Jagt

    Arrest and deport oblamer is an illegal alien without a birth certificate or SS # of his own. If he refuses to leave shoot him then deport him.

    • caligirl 1960

      You got that right! Trump is saying what we have been screaming for congress to arrest obummer for treason for years and we have been ignored! well just try to ignore TRUMP and just see what happens!

  • I refer to Obama trying to get to do a third term, or to refuse to leave the White House, in my books “Where Satan’s seat is….” This book links the Book of Revelation with Hitler and Obama. I also mention Obama doing a third term or refusing to leave the White House in my book: “The Wooden Horse of ISLAM”. I know that Donald Trump has a copy of the second book mentioned.


    • Lori

      Wow! You really are a Bitch, aren’t you? Perhaps The same with Trampy Drump? Trump is a scumbag.

      • Tish

        and who was it that lied to the families of the murdered Benghazi victims, while standing over their flag draped coffins…Karmas a Bitch and i Love her,,she has her sights set on the BitchOfBenghazi and appears to be sending her Black Orchids to choke on and fall over.. now who;s the scumbag lori?

  • Bill Sherman

    you are a total idiot. How can you honestly say that about Trump? and keep a straight face? you are listening to the liberals and the MSM way too much. All they do is lie to you to get your vote. Once they have your vote you mean absolutely nothing to them. That’s the was the left and DEMONcrats have always done. Go back and study your history again. Time and time again the dems have done nothing for any of us but enslave us with free stuff like welfare, and free medical and such. They are the ones who raise taxes always. they are the ones who ruin this country. THE Republicans are willing to stand with you and try to help you better your life on your own steam. They in fact will give you options to get thru institutions of higher learning to get the degrees you need for your future careers. Trump want all of the for you and others too but it will cost you something because we cannot afford free stuff anymore. This nation is broke. we have the highest debt any nation has ever has and it was the dems that got us there. SO, I recommend you go back and study the truth. you’ll see what i’m talking about. i hope it changes your opinion of Trump too. have a great day.

  • Debbie

    Gloria, I totally agree with you. A public hanging….