White Nationalists Hope Trump Will Deport Blacks, After He Implements Muslim Ban

David Duke (Southern Poverty Law Center)
David Duke (Southern Poverty Law Center)

By Mary Washington

Although Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is slumping in the ratings and polling badly with college-educated whites, black Americans and Latinos, he’s still popular with one group — white nationalists.

White nationalists see Trump as a beacon of hope and a way to implement their policies. Former Klansman David Duke has attributed Trump’s success to his revitalized political career.

According to Raw Story, Rocky Suhayda, chair of the American Nazi Party, was also optimistic about Trump.

“We have a wonderful OPPORTUNITY here folks, that may never come again, at the RIGHT time. Donald Trump’s campaign statements, if nothing else, have SHOWN that ‘our views’ are NOT so ‘unpopular’ as the Political Correctness crowd have told everyone they are!” said Suhayda in an online post.

Some white nationalists hope that after Trump implements his Muslim ban, he will take things even further. Brian Blanc, head of the National White Alliance (NWA) hopes Trump passes legislation that deports black people back to Africa.

“If we deport all the mud people, the crime rate will be cut in half,” said Blanc in an interview with The Political Cesspit radio show. “And imagine all the money we will save in welfare payments?”

In spite of Trump’s support from white nationalists, he was strongly backed by a black church in North Carolina. Antioch Road to Glory International Ministries held a pro-Trump rally over the weekend which featured daughter-in-law Lara Trump and Omarosa Manigault, who appeared on “The Apprentice” and is head of Trump’s outreach to the black community.

Church members said Trump could bring back jobs and reduce crime in the black community, according to WCCB Charlotte.

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