Copeland Says Christians Who Vote Against Trump Will Be Cursed With Poverty, Gay Children

Kenneth Copeland
Kenneth Copeland

By Hamish Balfour

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland has warned Christians that if they don’t support Donald Trump, they will be punished by God.

“If Christians don’t support Trump, they are risking the wrath of God,” said Copeland in an appearance on Trinity Broadcasting Network. “Trump has been chosen by God, and by rejecting him, they are rejecting God. They could be punished with barrenness, poverty or even having a gay child.”

Copeland is not the only Christian urging other believers to support Trump.

David Barton, an author of wildly inaccurate history books, urged other Christians to overlook Trump’s rough edges, said Right Wing Watch. Barton compared Trump to flawed biblical figures such as Noah and King David.

“Maybe God’s got a different standard than what we do,” said Barton, who is a frequent guest on the Glenn Beck show. “Maybe at a national leadership level, there are people who do good things for the nation who have character flaws … What God calls great leaders wouldn’t fit your litmus test, but maybe you need to catch up with where God is rather than expecting God to catch up with where you are.”

Barton has previously called Trump “God’s guy.”

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  • David

    How do we have Barton on video but not Copeland?

  • Harriet

    I am not in support of any of them, because Trump has his flaws too, like racism, God is the creator of all.

  • He really needs to stop making his God look like such a stupid, racist, asshole.

  • Manfred Alderson

    My be their god is spelled with a small g, but the GOD I serve is spelled with a capital D and there is a huge difference. My God don’t put a cures on you,by. being disobent to his word you caused the warf to strike oneself…

  • vanessa

    this is a total lie.. why are you saying this? to stir up division again? what do you get out of printing trash like this?

  • Pamela Worthington

    He is demon possessed.

  • Jason B

    Well I disagree with everything trump is not in Gods cards. Ok he rationalize people and be talk bout blacks and his own kind. Forget what Kenny copeland said cause I don’t believe nothing he just said. All that’s a scare tactics to get people to vote for trump. If God put in this man to become commander in chief he will lay in his heart, the route trump is going talking bout people makes me believe satan call him to be president not God. Somebody like Barack Obama was what God called him to be president. Cause when he join the race back in 2009, he didn’t come talking trash about blacks and white instead he came in to help bring about changes in USA. So forget what copeland say not true might make his kids gay since he done went that far.

  • David Ozanne

    Obviously this is by a liberal lover of faked history. David Barton uses the original writings to develop accurate history, which the MSM and political idiots hate.

  • Barney Lewis

    Stupid is as stupid does is all I can say

  • To the writer of this post. People are saying that they do not believe Kenneth Copeland said such a thing. Can you tell us where you got your information and is there a video to validate?

  • Bluey

    People/idiots, (read whichever applies to you) this is a SATIRE site.
    If you check out the “About” link on the page, you’ll find what I found: “The Business Standard News is a satirical site designed to parody the 24-hour news cycle. The stories are outlandish, but reality is so strange nowadays they could be true.”

  • John

    I also believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and I also follow the teaching of Jesus without hating my neighbor, so because of Trump hating his neighbor and spreading hate, I will have to follow Christ teaching and vote for Hillary Clinton that is trying to bring unity for one another and not hates other because of how the look, speak, religion and gender. Hillary Clinton 2016 for POTUS.

  • Steve

    To say that anyone is chosen by God, and if u don’t vote for them you’ll be cursed…. Is fucked…. Because some poor bastards will believe you, you pathetic hypocrite, Copeland.

  • M

    Kenneth Copeland has lost his credibility as a ‘man of God’. He along with his fellow televangelist are nothing more than walking totem of greed (just search where he lives). He has no voice and if he is lauding this in the pulpit his tax exempt status should be revoked.

  • Cynthia

    This is grossly twisted and the quotes are inaccurate. I suggest taking some time and listening to Copeland for yourself.

  • Sue Weaver

    Stupid statement. I would hope their faith is built on a solid relationship, rather than who they vote for.

  • michelle

    Trump does not have a racist problem. That is all made up by the lying media. Read this and then tell me how Trump could be racist after he had gone against everyone else.

  • John Rork

    “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”
    – Mark 10:25 KJV

    “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”
    – Timothy 6:10 KJV

    With just shy of a cool billion, this camel is collapsing under the weight of all of its filthy lucre.

    You better hope your God doesn’t exist Ken, or you may find yourself on the receiving end of what you think awaits the rest of us.

  • foxymae

    Here we have another Nut Case. He is a false prophet and if you believe in his word he preaches you will surely go to hell right along with him. His facial features are the work of the Devil. Turner Broadcasting Network is the Devils playground.

  • Janis joselyn

    Kenneth Copeland should be ashamed & afraid to misrepresent GOD with a curse that may actually be turned on himself & his family. Copelands arms are too short to box with GOD.
    Be careful……

  • I don’t believe Copeland said that, he is a man of God I respect .

  • Mitch

    I agree. Im a KCM partner n Ive never heard him hint or say that. Flat out lie on here. In fact Copeland was a Cruz supporter in prelims

  • Mitch

    Thank you. Cause he never said it. Wheres the source, proof???

  • Mitch

    Very true

  • Mitch

    Amen n yes

  • Mitch

    You nor anyone has heard Copeland say or hint of that. Its not true

  • Sam

    God does not teach division between Jews and Gentiles , neither is God an author of confusion. God is very consistent in all He says and does . Does Trump have those attributes ?

  • jerome

    My God is a intelligent God.
    And Donald is a ignorant man.
    Go figure.really Mr.Copeland

  • NO. it’s not the same as what the so-called white clergy told Martin Luther. The Spellman students were just being idiotic self-righteous “feminist”. NO good can come from that. The focus should have been his sister. What they did is no better than his video that they are protesting, in fact it was WORST. They simply showed that they would kill another female if it meant having their way. counterproductive!!! It seems colleges and universities sap the sense from most blacks.
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