Ailes Had a Stripper Pole in His Secret ‘Black Room’

Roger Ailes
Roger Ailes

By Jamal Whiteman

News reports are continuing to leak out about former FOX News CEO Roger Ailes’ sexual habits. According to a report from WEHW radio, Ailes had a stripper pole installed in his secret “black room” at FOX News headquarters. WEHW also said that Ailes would have potential female employees tryout on the pole before he hired them.

According to New York magazine writer Gabriel Sherman, Ailes secret operation also had former cops on staff who trailed his enemies. The black room also employed PR executives who would create negatives stories about people perceived as enemies of FOX News.

Sherman has also done extensive reporting about the FOX News sex scandal, which broke when former anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment suit. Carlson was taken off the air when she complained about sexual comments from Ailes and her co-anchor Steve Doocy. Andrea Tantaros also received similar treatment. She was also taken off the air when she complained of sexual harassment. To date more than 20 women, including anchor Megyn Kelly, have come forward to report being harassed by Ailes.

Former FOX News employee Laurie Luhn also reported that Ailes kept her on the payroll for 20 years, even though she had little responsibilities. Her real job was to be on call for Ailes’ sexual demands. According to Luhn, she was frequently summoned to hotel rooms where she was expected to dance, strip and perform sexual favors. Ailes also demanded she recruit other young women.

“‘You’re going to find me ‘Roger’s Angels.’ You’re going to find me whores,’ Luhn recalled Ailes saying on numerous occasions, urging her to send young Fox staffers his way,” according to the New York article.

Ailes was recently fired and walked away with a $40 million severance package.

The New York Times reports that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is working with Ailes to help prepare for debates with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Trump has come to the defense of Ailes when he was embroiled in his sex scandal, claiming he helped several women’s careers. The reality star seems unconcerned about the lurid stories and believes Ailes can help him reach women.

“Roger knows how to talk to broads good,” said Trump in an interview with WEHW radio.

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