Right-Wing Activists Claim Muslims Have Violence in Their DNA

Pamela Geller
Pamela Geller

By Marina Troy
Right-wing activist Pam Geller thinks Muslims should be banned from certain professions such as being butchers and surgeons. Her rationale is that Muslims are prone to violence and those professions would put them in possession of potentially dangerous weapons.

“The last thing we need is a Muslim trained in how to use knives and other potential weapons,” said Geller in a World Net Daily article. “You never know when they are going to flip out and go into jihad mode.”

Geller, who also believes there is a “stealth Jihad” trying to take over America, has become infamous for her rants against Muslims, usually launched from her blog Atlas Shrugged. She is so incendiary she was once banned from FOX News, which is not exactly known for being Muslim friendly. Geller’s blog also ran stories claiming President Barack Obama’s mother was involved in pornography. She also claimed Malcolm X was Obama’s real father.

But Geller is not the only person who believes outrageous things about Muslims. Family Security Matters, a group started by conspiracy theorist and notorious Islamophobe Frank Gaffney, has criticized Ibtihaj Muhammad, a black American Olympic fencer. According to Right Wing Watch, Family Security Matters said Muhammad’s “Muslim DNA” means she is prone to violence with sharp objects.

“As it turns out, Ms. Muhammad’s sport of choice is fencing. This is understandable because, given the penchant of Muslims for hacking, stabbing, or slashing non-Muslims with knives, axes, machetes, and other sharp instruments, it’s only natural that Ms. Muhammad would gravitate toward the fencing competition. Fighting and attacking others with knives and other sharp objects appears to be in the Muslim DNA,” wrote Paul Hollrah, a contributing editor to Family Security Matters.

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  • *Snort* It’s not DNA — except for what Muslims have done to themselves by 14 centuries of marrying their first cousins — it’s the culture. To break that vicious culture once and for all will take concerted effort by someone with the clout and smarts of Kamal Ataturk — preferably several someones.