Racists Excited About Trump, GOP Promoting ‘White People’s Agenda’

David Duke (Emmanuel d'Aubignosc)
David Duke (Emmanuel d’Aubignosc)

By Billy Dane

Racists are excited about their fellow white nationalists who are popping up in Donald Trump’s campaign team.

Brian Blanc, head of the National White Alliance (NWA,) said he hoped the white supremacists in high-ranking positions could make their voice heard in the Republican Party.

“Finally the Republican Party will start promoting white people’s agenda,” said Blanc.

Former klansmen David Duke echoed Blanc’s views. He was ecstatic about Trump hiring Breitbart head Steven Bannon to be “CEO” of his campaign.

In an interview on Stormfront radio, Duke declared, “We’ve taken over.”

duke alt right by DailyPolitics

Bannon has made Breitbart, already a right-wing site, into a hotbed of white male rage featuring stories about uncontrolled immigration from Latin America and Muslim terrorists around every corner. A former co-worker said he frequently made disparaging comments about ethnic minorities and gays in staff meetings.

“He made more off-color comments about minorities and homosexuals than I can recount,” said Kurt Bardella in a Daily Beast interview.

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