Buchanan, Bachmann Warn Obama Has ‘Sanctioned’ Violence Against White Conservatives

Michele Bachmann (Gage Skidmore)
Michele Bachmann (Gage Skidmore)

By Terry Marks
Former presidential candidate Pat Robertson has warned white conservatives to arm themselves against post-election violence if Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump loses.

“White people are already being outbred by unchecked immigration from the Third World,” said Buchanan in an interview on WEHW radio. “But if Hillary wins, it will be open season on white people. White people are the most endangered species in America.”

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann also echoed his thoughts in an interview with Breitbart. She claimed that under President Barack Obama, the police had been ordered to avoid arresting people of color. Therefore sanctioning violence against white conservatives.

“And part of that is because the Justice Department now has a new program in place for these major metropolitan areas and it’s called Disparate Impact, and what they’re saying is if blacks or Latinos are being arrested in greater numbers than whites, then that is considered an obvious sign of racism,” said Bachmann, according to Right Wing Watch. “It doesn’t matter if it is more blacks or Latinos who are lawless, cops are told you can’t arrest, you can’t book more minorities than you can whites.”

When Bachmann ran for president in 2012 she became a laughing stock when she didn’t realize that Libya was in Africa. She recently announced she plans to advise Trump on foreign affairs.

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