Roger Ailes Allegedly Called Stacey Dash ‘Sally Hemings’

Stacey Dash (Media Matters)
Stacey Dash (Media Matters)

By Beverly Gates

More details are leaking out about former FOX News CEO Roger Ailes’ lecherous habits. According to former FOX News employees interviewed by the Business Standard News, Ailes used to call Stacey Dash, one of the few black females on air at FOX, “Sally Hemings.”

Sally Hemings was an enslaved woman who had several children with founding father Thomas Jefferson.

The media world was rocked when former FOX News employee Gretchen Carlson went public with her accusations of sexual harassment from Ailes and other FOX employees. Since she came forward more than 20 women, including anchor Megyn Kelly, have shared similar stories.

More recently former FOX news commentator Andrea Tantaros revealed more lurid stories. In a lawsuit, Tantaros describes the atmosphere at FOX as like a “Playboy Mansion-like cult.” According to The New York Times, Tantaros also claimed she was taken off the air after she complained of Ailes’ behavior. She alleges Ailes repeatedly asked her to twirl and asked what she looked like in a bikini. Tantaros also named Bill O’Reilly and former Sen. Scott Brown in her suit.

A Daily Mail story said that Tantaros also revealed that Ailes made insulting comments about other FOX News employees. He allegedly called Kimberly Guilfoyle a “Puerto Rican whore,” questioned if Dana Perino was gay and referred to Dash as “the black girl.”

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