Copeland Blames Louisiana Floods on Gay Marriage, Obama

Kenneth Copeland
Kenneth Copeland

By Billy Dane

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland has blamed the recent Louisiana floods on Republicans favorite scapegoat — President Barack Obama.

“I think the floods are an example of God’s wrath,” said Copeland on Trinity Broadcasting Network. “Things like gay marriage and transgender men being allowed to use women’s bathrooms make God angry. Also, Obama has the mark of Cain, so he will never have the Lord’s favor.”

The mark of Cain is a Biblical belief by certain Christians that states black people are cursed by God.

However, Copeland is not the only Republican who doesn’t believe the floods were caused by climate change. According to the Los Angeles Times, Rep. Steve Scalise, one of three Louisiana Republicans who recently requested for federal aid, is also a climate change denier.

The Times said Scalise, Rep. Bill Cassidy and Sen. John Fleming, all voted against a $50 billion relief package for Hurricane Sandy in 2012. However, all three of them have now requested for federal emergency relief for the recent floods.

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