Trump Brags About Deporting So Many Mexicans, Burrito Sales Will Drop

Donald Trump (A. Shaker/VOA)
Donald Trump (A. Shaker/VOA)

By Jose Echeverria

Reality star Donald Trump has been accused of flip flopping on immigration. Trump initially built his campaign on a tough immigration stance, promising to deport all undocumented workers and build a wall on the Mexican border. But last week, he talked about only going after illegal aliens with criminal records. He also mentioned allowing people who paid taxes to stay here.

But after fierce criticism from his supporters on the alt right, such as Ann Coulter, Trump has returned to his tough immigration policy.

“I’m going to get rid of all the illegal Mexicans,” he said at a campaign stop in Georgia. “By the time, I’m done there will be so few Mexicans, burrito sales are going to plummet.”

Trump has frequently made insensitive comments about Latinos. He kicked off his campaign with a speech that branded Mexican migrants as “drug dealers” and “rapists.” He also celebrated Cinco De Mayo by tweeting a picture of a taco bowl. According to the Crooks & Liars blog, Trump held a Latino outreach event in Anaheim, Calif. this weekend called “Operation Taco Bowl.”

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