Trump Hopes Pastor Who Lays On Other Men Will Put Him in Touch With Black Community

Donald Trump (Marc Nozell)
Donald Trump (Marc Nozell)

By Mary Washington

Donald Trump says he plans to hold a meeting with black Americans at the church of a Detroit pastor who holds a ceremony where he mounts other men.

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson of Great Faith Ministries International holds a ceremony where consecrated pastors are asked to lay on the ground, then he lays his body on top of them.

“I am excited to meet with Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, he seems to be in touch with other black men,” said Trump in a press release. “He’s really on top of things.”

Jackson has defended the practice claiming it’s based on an ancient biblical ritual. He accused his critics of having dirty minds.

“Yes I will do it again because that’s their mind. If you’re mind is nasty, then it’s nasty. And I am not going to stop what I’m doing because you have a nasty mind,” said Jackson in a NewsOne story.

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