Social Media Activist Urges Mexicans To Keep Trump Over There

Protesters demonstrate against Donald Trump in San Diego. (Flickr)
Protesters demonstrate against Donald Trump in San Diego. (Flickr)

By Mary Washington

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump plans to meet with today Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to discuss trade and immigration issues.

However, some people north of the border don’t want him to come back. Clavell Jackson, a social media activist, has started up a GoFundme account to raise money to “persuade” the Mexican border guards to keep Trump there.

“Trump says he wants to keep criminals out, well I think he fits the bill,” said Jackson. “Maybe we can raise enough money to have the Mexicans keep him over there.”

Trump has also been mocked on social media for his Mexico visit, according to Raw Story.

Jamil Smith tweeted: “Trump has run for president for more than a year without once visiting a predominantly black community. But he’ll go to Mexico on a whim. “

Trump’s visit has been criticized by former Mexican President Vicente Fox, who derided the trip as a “political stunt.”

The reality star has made illegal immigration a cornerstone of his presidential campaign promising to deport everyone who is in the country illegally. He has also branded Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and “drug dealers.” Trump once said he would make Mexico pay for a wall on the border.

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