Trump Supporters Hope He Will End Jewish Dominance

Donald Trump supporters (Gage Skidmore)
Donald Trump supporters (Gage Skidmore)

By Marina Troy
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to insists he is not a bigot, but some of his followers continue to express prejudiced views.

A poster on the White nationalist site Stormfront said he hoped Trump would end Jewish domination in America.

“The Jews control Hollywood, banking and politics,” said WhiteRights88. “They are the ones who conspire with the other mud people, the blacks and Mexicans, to keep white people down.”

According to Right Wing Watch, Christian writer and Trump supporter Texe Marrs shares similar views.

“These people (Jews) who have done such horrible things over the years and who, right now, are plotting such horrible deeds against gentiles and others, I hope they get what they deserve. I hope they do and I hope maybe Trump could be the instrument of it,” said Marrs.

News reports state that Steve Bannon, former head of Breitbart and now CEO of the Trump campaign, has also made anti-Semitic comments. In courts papers his ex-wife said Bannon complained about sending his kids to a school with “too many Jews.”

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