Robertson Says Trump Will Display ‘Solomon-Like’ Wisdom When He’s President

Pat Robertson
Pat Robertson

Several Evangelical Christians have become strong supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. However, televangelist Pat Robertson has compared him to a legendary biblical figure.

“I prayed over it, and God came to me and told me he will send a man with Solomon-like wisdom to his people in their time of need,” said Robertson in an appearance on “The 700 Club.”

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann is also a Trump supporter, although she admitted she first backed Sen. Ted Cruz.

“I also see that at the end of the day God raised up, I believe, Donald Trump who was going to be the nominee in this election,” said Bachmann in an appearance on Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network. “I don’t think God sits things out. He’s a sovereign God. Donald Trump became our nominee. … I think it’s very likely that in the day that we live in, that Donald Trump is the only individual who could win in a General Election of the 17 who ran.”

She also compared him to the biblical figure Daniel.

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  • ‘G’roup ‘O’f ‘P’hools……. we b talkin brain dead

  • Randy Janssen

    First Trump talked about the wall, then he stopped Now after the Mexican President calls him out for lying, he says he wants it again. He was also waffling about deporting 11 million people. Again after he was called a lyer, he wants to set up a special Gestapo like deportation squad. Trump is a sociopath who will say anything that he thinks will work. He is also thin skinned and will fly off the handle at the slightest provocation like being made a fool of by the Mexican President. Only an idiot would have missed the fact that he was being set up. Did Trump really think Pena would agree to pay for the wall. Trump has always been a fake and a fraud. He is also so full of himself, that he does stupid things. It is a shame so many people were duped into believing him. It is a shame he is the Republican nominee. He is a disgrace to the party. That must be why 50 Republican security experts have disavowed Trump, his college has repudiated him and the Republican club of Yale has refused to endorse him. The VFW thinks he is insane. It seems that his only support comes from the KKK.

  • Dan

    He’s already displaying the same wisdom Solomon did in 1 Kings 11:11 – and surely America will reap the same benefits Israel did!

  • Marina

    Please read the link YAHUVEH GOD has prophesied through a HOLY Prophet that HE will use Donald Trump for this time.

  • Joel

    WOLF IN THE HEN HOUSE – EVIL TRUMP GETTING THE CHRISTIAN VOTE –HOW A CHRISTIAN SHOULD VOTE – The Christian standard of leadership 1. Fears God & hates dishonest gain (Ex. 18:21) 2. blameless, steward of God, not easily angered, no drunkenness, lover of good, self-controlled, exhort in accordance with God’s message (Titus 1:7-8). 2. Leader must be worthy of imitation in imitation of Christ (1 Cor. 11:1).
    TRUMP – dishonest gain from gambling casinos, guilty of supporting hard core porn event at his casinos, defender of the gay, lesbian, transvestite, queer community, supporter of planned parenthood, does not fear God, a wife Melania, adulterer, involved in lesbian acts and porn…
    HILLARY – pro-abortion and supporter of planned parenthood, pro lesbian, gay, transvestite, queer community, does not fear God, guilty of corruption, sold political access, political deception through lies…
    Christ means anointed with oil (for public service) – Find any true and faithful Christian and write his or her name on the ballot so God will bless you and not curse you. The goal is not to win. The goal is to obey He who created you.
    Christians should consider their political position in America as the Jews returning from Babylon where Jerusalem is in rubble and the walls must be rebuilt. God has a moral standard and government system for public officials. here is how –

  • Hal Henderson

    trump will be the best president we have had in a long time. Hilary if elected would be the worst in american history.

  • Hal Henderson

    You are the only fool….have to be to be a Liberal

  • Hal Henderson

    quoting snopes ….bought and paid for by George Soros…ha ha ha…as for the kkk thing…that is so weak and false…Hilary is the kkk lover…just google kkk Hilary and Robert Byrd

  • jean

    There has never been a soul born, that can lie like Hillary Clinton!!!facts are facts!!