Detroit Pastor Denies He’s an Uncle Tom, Gets Invited to ‘Tom’ Group

Wayne Jackson (Google Plus)
Wayne Jackson (Google Plus)

By Mary Washington

Detroit pastor Bishop Wayne T. Jackson is receiving flak for his highly scripted interview with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Saturday. The New York Times stated the Trump campaign provided him with the questions and the answers before the interview. The interview also took place in front of a largely empty church. Protestors were held at bay outside.

Jackson defended his actions, saying that he had not sold out.

“I am not an Uncle Tom. I am not an Uncle Ruckus,” he said in an interview with WXYZ. “And I say that to say this: I’ve always helped in our community. I’ve always given in our community. I won’t stop giving in our community and I want people to get that through their heads that this is not a rally, but he’s (Trump) coming to church. Who would stop anybody from coming to church?”

However, Jackson was recently contacted by former presidential candidate Herman Cain and asked to join the Thomas Jefferson group, which is made up of high-profile black Trump supporters. Trump has nicknamed the group “the Toms.”

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