Trump Dispatches Sarah Palin to Help Mark Burns With Grammar, Media Relations

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump (YouTube)
Sarah Palin and Donald Trump (YouTube)

By H. Peter Johnson

The Trump campaign is trying to conduct damage control for Pastor Mark Burns, a Trump supporter who crashed and burned in a CNN interview over the weekend. Host Victor Maxwell confronted Burns about lies he had told about his college and military record.

Burns looked flustered and accused Maxwell of “trying to destroy his character.” However, the Trump campaign has come to the rescue.

“I called Mark and gave him some support,” said Trump in an interview with the Conservative Chronicle. “I gave him a pat on the head and said we would be sending him some people to help him prepare for future media interviews.”

Trump admitted that Burns was unsophisticated and didn’t have the best grammar, so he was dispatching Sarah Palin to help with media relations.

Palin said she was happy to help.

“The lamestream media is trying to destroy this man of god, who is also a godly person, that he is,” said Palin. “I’d be happy to help him with future squirmishes with the media.”

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