Bakker Predicts ‘Messiah’ Trump Will Slay the ‘Great Serpent’

Jim Bakker
Jim Bakker

By Billie Dane

Televangelist Jim Bakker has praised Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump describing him in near mythical terms.

“God came to me in a dream last night and showed me Donald Trump riding on a white horse. His beautiful, blond hair was flowing in the wind. And he took his sword and slew a great serpent,” said Bakker on “The Jim Bakker Show.”

Bakker said he interpreted the dream to mean Trump would triumph over Islamic terrorism.

Several Evangelical Christians, such as Pat Robertson and former Rep. Michelle Bachmann, have said Trump has been chosen by God. According to Right Wing Watch, conspiracy site World Net Daily named Trump “Man of the Year.” In addition, New York Rabbi Mendel Kessin described Trump as a “messiah … who would be fabulous for the Jewish people.”

World Net Daily also predicted a Mitt Romney victory in 2012 and has run several stories claiming President Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

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