Roger Stone: Obama May Issue a Fatwa on Trump

By Jamal Whiteman

Roger Stone, a veteran Republican political operative, said that Donald Trump’s life may be in danger if he loses the presidential election.

“If Mr. Trump, God forbid, doesn’t win in November, Obama could issue a fatwa ordering his death,” said Stone in an interview with WEHW radio. “That’s why it’s imperative he is victorious at the polls.”

A fatwa is a religious order issued by a jurist or mufti in the Islamic faith. In spite of the fact that he eats pork, drinks alcohol and attends church, polls show that a majority of Republicans still think Obama is a Muslim.

Stone isn’t the only Trump supporter who has made statements about Obama favoring Muslims. According to Right Wing Watch, conservative radio show host Michael Savage says Obama is “demonic’ because he wants to import Syrian refugees and transform the country into a “Muslim nation.”

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