Alt Right Wants Trump to Mention ‘White Genocide’ In Inaugural Speech

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

By H. Peter Johnson

Members of the so-called “alt right,” a loose collective of far-right activists who have white nationalist views, are excited about the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency.

“The alt right hopes that Mr. Trump will address one of the greatest threats to the country and that is the changing demographics,” said Brian Blanc, president of the National White Alliance (NWA.) “Personally, I want him to mention the white genocide issue in his inaugural speech.”

White genocide is a phrase commonly used among the alt right which implies that European Americans are being systematically eliminated by immigration and the growing Latino population.

According to Media Matters, leading members of the alt right recently held a press conference and thanked Trump for incorporating their ideas into his campaign.

“This is someone who can make the future. So I think that is the way I would define our love of Trump, is that he seems to be willing to go there, he seems to be willing to confront people,” said Richard Spencer, a white nationalist.

During the press conference, Jared Taylor, a prominent white nationalist, argued that blacks and Latinos possessed lower IQs than whites and were genetically predisposed to be less ethical.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton generated national controversy when she referred to some of Trump’s alt right supporters as “a basket of deplorables.”

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