Conservatives Say Trump is a Strong Christian, Not Sure of Obama’s Faith

By Billie Dane

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump reached out to conservative Christians at the recent Values Voters Summit. According to conference attendees interviewed by The Business Standard News, Trump’s faith was the reason they were voting for him.

“Donald Trump has taken a strong stand for traditional family values and the Christian faith,” said Melissa Fields of Nashville, Tenn. “Yes, he has been married three times, slept with multiple women, appeared on the cover of Playboy and operated casinos, but I feel in my heart that he is a Christian.”

According to the Huffington Post, several conference attendees still doubted that President Barack Obama was a Christian.

“I do question it, I really do,” said Linda Roller. “One of the latest things I saw was even a symbol with his hand that was similar to a Muslim saying Allah is the only God.”

Fields also questioned Obama’s faith.

“Barack is not a Christian name,” she said.

However, Huff Post said other conference attendees were convinced Trump was a Christian. Actor Jon Voight, who spoke at the summit, said Trump was the only person who could rescue America from doom.

“I can only feel if God allows truth to be said and heard that we will see Donald Trump as the next president of this great America and he will lift the dark cloud that hovers over us now,” said Voight, according to Right Wing Watch.

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