Farrakhan Says Trump is Suffering from ‘Caucasian Flu’

Louis Farrakhan (Mohammad Ali Marizad)
Louis Farrakhan (Mohammad Ali Marizad)

By Marina Troy

Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, has criticized Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, saying he may be suffering from a little-known illness.

“Trump’s skin is orange in tone and he has been seen sweating and behaving erratically,” said Farrakhan in an interview with Black Militant Weekly. “NOI scientists believe this a sickness called the Caucasian flu, which also causes delusions of grandeur.”

The Nation of Islam is known for having some strange ideas such as the belief that white people were created 5,000 years ago by experiments by a big-headed scientist named Yakub. They also believe in a UFO, which they call “the Mother Wheel.”

Although Farrakhan said he admired that Trump was not under “Jewish control,” he later told the Final Call, the Nation of Islam’s newspaper, that he didn’t care for any of the candidates.

“I could never endorse any candidate because not one of them is saying that which would save America from the Wrath of Allah (God),” said Farrakhan.

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