Dash: Tommy Sotomayor & I Will Convince Black Voters to Support Trump

Stacey Dash (YouTube)
Stacey Dash (YouTube)

By Mary Washington

Although Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is polling at about zero percent with black voters, FOX News commentator Stacey Dash is confident the real estate mogul will eventually win them over.

“I’m campaigning in the black community with a group of high-profile African Americans,” said Dash in an interview with the Conservative Chronicle. “I’m confident that my stellar reputation with black voters will bring them over to the Trump camp.”

However, the black community is not particularly enamoured with Dash’s antics which include calling for Black History month to be abolished and referring to actor Jesse Williams as a “plantation slave.”

Hip hop producer Damon Dash, Stacey’s cousin, accused her of ‘coonin’ for a paycheck, according to the Root.

“I think Fox pays her to say that s–t,” Damon said. “I know how Fox is.”

Dash also announced that controversial internet commentator Tommy Sotomayor would be joining the pro-Trump team. Sotomayor has become infamous for his YouTube videos where he often blames black women for problems in the African American community. According to Hip Hop Hollywood, Sotomayor’s anti-black rants have gained him 200,000 YouTube subscribers.

Sotomayor has called black women “whores” and referred to Black Lives Matter activists as “retarded kids.”

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