Pat Robertson: Hillary’s ‘Illness’ Is Really Demonic Possession

Hillary Clinton (C-SPAN)
Hillary Clinton (C-SPAN)

By Michael Hoult

Televangelist Pat Robertson says Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is using pneumonia to hide the real reason behind her failing health.

“The fact that Hillary’s health is failing is a sign of the spiritual battle going on inside her,” said Robertson “The 700 Club.” “When she collapsed at the 9/11 memorial it was a sign that the demonic spirit was trying to come out of her.”

Robertson then closed his eyes and offered a prayer for the demon to leave Clinton’s body.

However, Robertson isn’t the only evangelical Christian who believes the former secretary of state is possessed.

According to Right Wing Watch, Walid Shoebat, a right-wing activist, claims that Clinton is not even a Christian. Shoebat says conversion could help rid her of the evil spirit.

“Unless Hillary converts to Christianity, her condition is permanent,” said Shoebat. “Of course, today’s world cannot admit, all this is simply symptoms of demonic possession or affliction. However one sees this situation, Hillary’s symptoms are crystal clear which has every single element in the combination of symptoms she displays. According to Edward Klein’s forthcoming book, ‘Unlikeable — The Problem with Hillary,’ ‘political insiders’ say Hillary is tired, depressed, and plagued by ‘blinding headaches,’ bouts of insomnia, and ‘near-fainting spells’ on the campaign trail which are kept secret.”

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