Trump Admits Obama Is American Born, But His Supporter Are Not Convinced

Donald Trump (Michael Vadon)
Donald Trump (Michael Vadon)

By Billie Dane

After five years of nonsensical allegations, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump finally admitted that President Barack Obama was born in America.

However, Trump enraged the media by keeping them waiting for several minutes, using the time to promote his new hotel, before offering a brief admission.

Trump grabbed national headlines when he rode the birther wave five years ago. He went on national TV to claim he was sending a team of investigators to Hawaii to look at Obama’s birth certificate. The president embarrassed Trump with mocking jokes at the White House correspondents’ dinner and he also presented his long-form birth certificate.

But that’s not the end of birtherism. Some Trump supporters refuse to let it go. Right-wing radio host Michael Savage is still in the birther camp.

“In my heart, I don’t consider Obama to be a real American,” said Savage on his radio show. “I also want to see his mother’s birth certificate.”

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones also bashed Obama’s parents. Jones said that communist organizer Frank Marshall Davis is Obama’s real father.

“No, Obama is an American. He was born here — both American parents,” said Jones on his show, “Info Wars.” “One a black communist from Chicago, the other the daughter of a CIA high-level officer. And this was the type of stuff they do to our country. And it just mind-boggles, mind-boggles that Barack Obama’s mother was a honey trap for the Central Intelligence Agency — a sex operative — and now her son is the president. I mean, you just cannot make this stuff up.”

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