Trump Plans to Name Stacey Dash White House Press Secretary

Stacey Dash
Stacey Dash

By Marina Troy

Donald Trump continues to try to reach out to black voters, but his latest idea smacks of desperation.

Rumors have leaked out that the Trump camp plans to appeal to black voters by promising to nominate black Republicans to high-profile positions in his administration. Trump is apparently considering Stacey Dash for White House press secretary.

The Republican presidential candidate addressed this issue in an interview with WEHW radio.

“I think Stacey Dash would make a great press secretary,” said Trump. “She’s worked in Hollywood, she knows how to be on camera.”

Trump plans to make some other bizarre appointments if he becomes president. According to the Huffington Post, Trump plans to nominate billionaire Peter Thiel to the Supreme Court. Thiel is a Silicon Valley venture capitalist who made his $2.7 billion fortune investing in PayPal, Facebook and the CIA data-mining firm Palantir. He attended Stanford Law school and spent seven months clerking for the prestigious New York law firm, Sullivan & Cromwell.

However, he is a somewhat eccentric figure. Thiel is a gay conservative and also invested $1 million in the Seasteading Institute. This was a venture where a group of wealthy investors planned to create artificial islands, which would be exempt from national laws.

Thiel recently hit the headlines for sponsoring wrestler Hulk Hogan’s suit against Gawker. The suit won a $140 million judgment which caused Gawker to shut down. Gawker drew the ire of Thiel when one of their gossip sites revealed he was gay.

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