Trump Says He Knows More ‘Spy Stuff’ Than Former CIA Director

Former CIA Director Robert Gates (Jay Godwin)
Former CIA Director Robert Gates (Jay Godwin)

By Mary Washington

Reality star Donald Trump continues to prove that he cannot tolerate any form of criticism. The Republican presidential nominee has engaged in a war of words with former secretary of defense and ex-CIA chief Robert Gates. Trump took offense after Gates penned a column in the Wall Street Journal calling Trump “unfit” to be president.

Trump responded by calling Gates, a 26-year veteran of the intelligence industry and former Air Force officer, a “clown.” Trump also said he knew more about the intelligence industry than Gates, who worked his way up from an entry-level position to being CIA director.

“What does Gates know about spying? I know a lot about spy stuff,” said Trump in a Conservative Chronicle story. “I talk to people and I watch ‘24’ and the Jason Bourne movies.”

In the past, Trump has bragged he knows more about ISIS than the top generals fighting the War on Terror.

Gates laughed at Trump’s comments.

“Trump is not too smart at figuring things out,” he said. “It took him five years to discover President Obama was born in America, how long would it take him to discover a real foreign spy?”

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