Detroit Pastor Wayne T. Jackson Says Trump’s Wealth Is Sign of God’s Blessing

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson
Bishop Wayne T. Jackson

By Hamish Balfour

Detroit pastor Bishop Wayne T. Jackson is still trying to defend Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Jackson caught flak when he invited Trump, who has made several offensive statements about black people, to his church.

“Donald Trump is an example of someone who has been blessed by God,” Jackson told the Conservative Chronicle. “Look at his homes, businesses, his wife and his jet. You don’t get those things unless you have the favor of God.”

Jackson is an adherent of the controversial prosperity gospel. This is a much-contested religious doctrine that claims God wants his followers to be wealthy. However, prosperity gospel preachers, such as Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer and Creflo Dollar, have drawn criticism for living in mansions and owning private jets.

Jackson’s church New Faith Ministries was recently the site of a protest by a community group called New Era Detroit. The protesters complained that Jackson was driving a Rolls Royce and living in a mansion while his parishioners lived in poverty.

Jackson claimed that he gives a lot back to the community.

“I have bought washers and dryers for elderly people,” he told FOX 2. “We have taken and had dinners at my home for school children. I have people living in my home right now that were homeless and they’re not paying me a dime.”

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  • James Williamson

    It is so sad that some Black Pastors feel a need to be partisan in their heresy of the gospel of Jesus Christ in endorsing political cadidates. They give off the impression that they are gullible and can be easily manipulated. Then tyouou wander why Black males especially see some Black religious leaders and their churches as impotent.

  • Jae

    You, sir, are a big buffoon!wealth means nothing. Find a bible and learn to READ it!

  • Linda

    The Art of the Deal, Trump boasted about bedding other men’s wives.
    “If I told the real stories of my experiences with women, often seemingly very happily married and important women, this book would be a guaranteed best-seller,” he wrote. In August of 2013, the struggling Trump Taj Mahal casino became the first casino in Atlantic City, N.J., to have an in-house strip club. The fact that at every stump speech, Trump boasts about a book wherein he boasts about sleeping with married women ,Jeff Kubler, who heads the Oregon chapter of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, said Trump’s appearance on the March 1990 cover of Playboy—next to a model wearing only his tuxedo jacket—should cause him problems with Evangelical Christian voters.