Trumpistas Attack Lester Holt, Accuse Him of Being ‘Kenyan Muslim’

Lester Holt (Sgt. Uriah Walker/US Army)
Lester Holt (Sgt. Uriah Walker/US Army)

By Jamal Whiteman

Fans of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump have gone after debate moderator Lester Holt following the real estate mogul’s disastrous performance at Monday night’s debate.

“Holt was clearly biased,” said Brian Blanc, a spokesperson for the National White Alliance. “He showed no respect for Trump. Did he realize he was talking to a white man? Who is he to interrupt Mr. Trump? Holt needs to remember his place.”

Holt was bashed by FOX News commentators Howard Kurtz and Todd Starnes on Twitter. Kurtz accused him of helping Clinton. Starnes tweeted, “Was Lester Holt Auditioning for Role as Hillary’s Press Secretary?”

Some posters on Stormfront, a white supremacist website, were even nastier. A poster called Jeanmanière1488 said the debate was “totally fixed.”

“Who is this Lester Holt anyway?” said a poster called Ragnarok88. “I’d like to see his birth certificate. He looks like a Kenyan Muslim. I bet he’s an Obama plant.”

Trump had previously accused Holt of being a Democrat, but he’s a registered Republican. He also demanded Holt not fact check him during the debate. Holt corrected Trump when he claimed not to have endorsed the Iraq war. Trump later blamed his poor performance on a faulty microphone.

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