gallery Trump Fans Declare Him the Winner of the Debate

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (YouTube screen capture)
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (YouTube screen capture)

By Mary Washington

If you need further proof that fans of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump live in an alternate reality, look no further than Twitter. This morning the hashtag #Trumpwon was trending on the social media site.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton looked masterful and prepared during Monday’s debate, while Trump lied, look flustered and constantly interrupted. On MSNBC, Huffington Post writer Howard Fineman called Trump’s performance the worst debate showing he had ever seen. But Trump supporters somehow declared him the winner.

A Twitter user called YadkinFarm said, “TWO things are very very clear from debate last night: @realDonaldTrump is NOT a politician AND he cares about people!”

Right-wing radio show host Michael Savage also praised Trump, who bragged about the birther issue during the debate. According to Savage, if Trump hadn’t pursued his birther crusade, we would have never known if President Barack Obama was really a U.S. citizen.

“Trump performed a service to the county by doing incredible investigative work on the birth certificate issue,” said Savage on his radio show. “He deserves a medal.”

Former klansman David Duke also praised Trump.

“Trump has made white people feel good about themselves again,” said Duke in an interview with the Conservative Chronicle. “Before Trump, white people’s fortunes were declining, in business, in politics, in Hollywood. But Trump put us back on top again.”

However, many people weren’t buying Trump supporters claim that he won the debate.

“Trump’s crash was worse than the Hindenburg,” said social media activist/writer Clavell Jackson. “He made the Titanic look like a fender bender.”

Twitter user Tony Lee was equally scathing:

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