OPP Poll Says Trump’s Performance Was ‘Best in Debate History’

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

By Jamal Whiteman

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump are still insisting that he won Monday’s nights debate with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. According to an Occidental Public Polling (OPP) survey, 70 percent of Trump supporters said his performance was the best in debate history.

“Trump was honest, masterful and he stuck to the facts,” said Floyd McCulloch, a Trump supporter from Florida. “He looked presidential. Crooked Hillary looked flustered and out of control.”

The Drudge Report, a right-leaning website, also called the debate in favor of Trump. However, most of the mainstream media said Clinton was the winner of the debate. Huffington Post political writer Howard Fineman called his performance the worst ever. But Trump supporters tried to rig online polls in his favor.

The situation got so bad that FOX News admonished Sean Hannity for citing online polls, which are unreliable. According to Raw Story, Hannity claimed Trump won in Time, CBS and the Hill polls.

“As most of the publications themselves clearly state, the sample obviously can’t be representative of the electorate because they only reflect the views of those Internet users who have chosen to participate,” said Dana Blanton, vice president of public-opinion research, at FOX. “Another problem — we know some campaigns/groups of supporters encourage people to vote in online polls and flood the results… These quickie click items do not meet our editorial standards.”

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