Bakker: Clinton’s Debate ‘Shimmy’ Could Have Been MS, Tourette’s

Clinton Trump debate
Clinton Trump debate

By Beverly Gates

Fans of Donald Trump are still casting aspersions on the health of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Although Clinton was widely perceived as the winner of Monday night’s debate, televangelist Jim Bakker said she showed signs of illness. During the debate Clinton performed a much talked about shimmy in response to one of Trump’s many outlandish statements.

Bakker said it was a sign of a more serious illness.

“She can’t control her body,” said Bakker on his TV show. “It could be a sign of MS or Tourette’s Syndrome.”

Many Trump supporters are convinced Clinton is not being truthful about her health. During a “Daily Show” segment, some Trump supporters suggested the former secretary of state may have contracted AIDS from former President Bill Clinton.

An article in Christian magazine “Charisma” also questioned the shimmy.

“A momentary shoulder shake would’ve been entirely appropriate for the moment, but her tremors went on for a couple seconds, during which time she seemed to have difficulty keeping her eyes open,” said Bob Eschliman.

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