Trump Supporters: If He Can Avoid Paying Taxes, He Can Cut the National Debt

Rudy Giuliani (CNN screen capture)
Rudy Giuliani (CNN screen capture)

By Jose Echeverria

The Donald Trump camp is rushing to find ways to spin news that he didn’t pay federal income tax for about 20 years into a positive.

A New York Times article revealed that the Republican nominee and reality TV star used a claim of $916 million losses in 1995 to avoid paying taxes.  However, Trump supporters see this as a positive.

“Who likes paying taxes?” said FOX News commentator Eric Bolling. “The fact that he managed to avoid that much in tax should be celebrated. If he can eliminate a huge tax bill, think of what he can do to the national debt?”

Over the weekend several other Trump supporters made appearances on the Sunday talk shows defending his tax avoidance scheme.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani went on CNN and ABC to argue the move was a sign of Trump’s business acumen. He said the fact that Trump was able to recover from close to $1 billion in losses showed he was a “genius.”

“[Trump] went down and went all the way back up,” said Giuliani during an appearance on “This Week.” “America needs a turnaround artist.”

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