White Nationalist Organization, Twitter Users Call ‘Luke Cage’ Show Racist

Mike Colter stars in Netflix' "Luke Cage."
Mike Colter stars in Netflix’s “Luke Cage.”

By Michael Hoult

The National White Alliance, a white nationalist group, has branded Netflix’s new hit show, “Luke Cage,” racist. The show is based on a black Marvel superhero, who develops extraordinary physical abilities after being experimented on in prison. The series follows his exploits battling crime in Harlem.

But apparently it wasn’t to the liking of the National White Alliance. National White Alliance spokesperson Brian Blanc thought the show was too “black.”

“The show discriminated against white people,” said Blanc in a press release. “All I saw was a lot of hip hopper music, and a lot of black people. Couldn’t they have put this show on BET? I didn’t see any Volvos, Starbucks or skinny women, I couldn’t identify with it. And when has Harlem ever been a black neighborhood?”

Although “Luke Cage,” has proven to be so popular it crashed the Netflix site, some people shared some other people shared Blanc’s views. A Twitter user called CommanderLovely wrote:

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