Nugent, Peterson Say Obama Has Completed His Mission to Destroy America

Jesse Lee Peterson
Jesse Lee Peterson

By Theodore Pettus

Right-wing firebrand and rocker Ted Nugent has accused President Barack Obama of being an undercover Muslim who was sent to destroy America from the inside.

In an interview with the Conservative Chronicle, Nugent said Obama was indoctrinated as a Muslim during his early years in Indonesian and sent to be a sleeper agent in America.

“Obama has nearly achieved his mission,” said Nugent. “America is trillions of dollars in debt, our military is in tatters, and nobody fears us around the world. If Hillary Clinton gets elected the Muslim-Liberal alliance will complete the destruction of America. Sharia law will be in effect before her first term is over.”

However, America still spends more than half of its budget on the military, which is much greater than other countries. Also, a sustained bombing campaign seems to be working in the war against ISIS.  Nugent and other conservatives have been pushing the narrative that Obama is un American for eight years. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spent several years trying to prove that Obama was not born in America.

Black conservative Jesse Lee Peterson also shared the same views in a recent column, according to Right-Wing Watch.

In a radio broadcast, Peterson accused Obama of being “evil” and turning America into a “ghetto.” He added this was typical of black people.

“So just imagine what this black man has done to this country. He didn’t make it better. Isn’t that unfortunate? He did not make it better, he did not unite the country. He destroyed the country that was already built … It was already built and everything, running well and blah, blah, blah, and he could not take it and build on it and make it better,” said Peterson. “Just like when white people move out of the cities, when blacks start moving in, whites pack up and leave, and it’s already nice and beautiful and the only thing that blacks need to do is go in and continue what’s already happening. But instead they go in and they destroy it. Isn’t that amazing?”

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