Alex Jones Claims White House is Suppressing Malia Obama Sex Tape

President Barack Obama and his daughter Malia (Pete Sousa)
President Barack Obama and his daughter Malia (Pete Sousa)

By Mary Washington

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has suggested the Obama White House is hiding a sex tape featuring Malia Obama.

“My sources in cyber security and intelligence tell me Obama is using NSA, CIA and Anonymous hackers to scrub any trace of the tape from the Internet,” said Jones on his show, “Info Wars.” “He also used his contacts with Google to stop the video showing up in searches.”

Since they entered the White House, the Obamas have been the subject of the worst kind of abuse. A Georgia elementary school teacher was recently fired after she called first lady Michelle Obama “a gorilla” on Facebook.

Even first daughters Malia and Sasha have not avoided the abuse. Conspiracy theorists have suggested that they are not even the biological children of their parents, because Michelle Obama was born a man and President Barack Obama is really gay.

The website Liberal America recently featured an article showing right-wingers were outraged that Malia and Sasha were going to be the bridesmaids at the wedding of Michelle Obama’s former personal assistant Kristen Jarvis.

A Twitter user called Max, said, “The two monkeys were at a wedding at the Zoo.”

Another Twitter user, whose handle is “President Trump,” wrote: “Will the (sic) be serving fried chicken, watermelon and grape drink.”

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  • Shannon Durant

    Stop printing the bull!

  • Those comments are absolutely disgusting.

  • tee banks

    Mary Washington,

  • Carolyn

    Something s should jus never and I do mean never come from or out of people mouths it should juys stay there …. Forever!

  • victoria

    Just dumb. If it wasn’t for Lee Barrage. You would be writing with a piece of stone on rock. To write this stupid artical. Oh read a book oh your presidential nominee does not read or should I say can’t

  • cali

    What was the point of this article ? You’re just rehashing a lot of old mean comments that were meant to demean our president. However, at the end of the day he is and has been our president for 8 years and there’s nothing they can do about it.

  • Cathy

    Rot in hem up silly conspiratory idiots

  • Kobe bryant singh

    really? Obama is gay and Michelle is a man? wtf is wrong with you. Grow up.

    You really are pathetic