Trumpistas Blame Latest Scandal on Illuminati, Still Confident of Victory

Donald Trump and his supporters. (Gage Skidmore)
Donald Trump and his supporters (Gage Skidmore)

By Marina Troy

If you thought recent revelations of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump making lewd comments about a married woman would have turned off his army of supporters, think again. According to an article in the Conservative Chronicle, Trump supporters are still enthusiastic about the reality TV star.

Maude Hodges, a Trump supporter from Oklahoma City, blamed his downfall on the Illuminati.

“The Illuminati saw he won the first debate and he was ahead in all the polls,” said Hodges, “so they fabricated this scandal to bring him down.”

Hodges said she wasn’t convinced it was Trump making the raunchy statements and complained the tape had been altered.

“It sounded more like Obama to me,” she said. “He’s sneaky.  And you know those people talk like that. I still haven’t seen his birth certificate.”

According to Slate, several Trump supporters gathered at Trump Towers on Saturday evening to proclaim their support for the real estate magnate. Kathy Serra, a Trump supporter, was critical of Sen. John McCain who unendorsed Trump on Saturday.

“McCain is establishment. He’s New World Order,” she told Slate. “He’s as fraudulent as all the rest of them. If they really care about this country and they care what happens to it, they will not change their position, and they’ll stay with Trump. If they don’t care about this country and they want New World Order and they want ridiculous Muslim immigration and they want to turn this country into an Islamic country, they will vote for Hillary.”

Queens resident Jim MacDonald was still confident of a Trump victory.

“Donald Trump is going to be elected president next month,” he said.

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