OPP Poll: 75 Percent of Trump Supporters Say Debate Performance Was ‘Second Best in History’

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (YouTube)
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (YouTube)

By Johnnie Dexter

Supporters of Republican nominee Donald Trump have declared him the winner of Sunday’s debate with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Trump came into the debate facing a wave of negative publicity after the release of a tape where he is seen discussing sexually assaulting women.

During the debate, he also threatened to jail Clinton, if he was elected, said she had “hate in her heart,” and lied about backing the Iraq war and his taxes. But according to the right-leaning polling firm Occidental Public Polling (OPP,) 75 percent of Trump supporters said it was the second best performance in debate history. (The first being his initial debate performance.)

“Trump looked presidential and deflected the lies about the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape,” said Brian Blanc, spokesperson for the National White Alliance.

A poster on Breitbart called Pattee Cross said, “We just witnessed the dawn of President Trump.”

But in the real world other polls declared Clinton the winner.

A CNN/ORC poll had Clinton winning by 57 percent to Trump’s 34 percent. YouGov’s poll had Clinton leading 44 to 41 percent.

Some Republicans also thought Trump lost.

“He (Trump) went into this debate down nearly double digits in Pennsylvania, Colorado, Virginia, he needed to turn that thing around and I don’t think he accomplished that. This was a do or die debate and I think that he died,” said Weekly Standard writer John McCormack.

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