CNN Reported to Be Looking at Hiring Billy Bush

Billy Bush (YouTube)
Billy Bush (YouTube)

By Jamal Whiteman

In the time-honored tradition of white men landing on their feet, Billy Bush is being considered for a position at CNN. Bush was recently let go by NBC for egging on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump while he was making lewd comments about women.

Bush walked away with a $10 million severance package, according to the New York Post. He has also been approached by the reality show “Dancing With The Stars.”

CNN chair Jeff Zucker said Bush had valuable contacts in the entertainment industry.

“We are looking at ways to bring Billy on board,” said Zucker in a press release. “He could bring credibility to the network. I’d hate to see his career by ruined some comments he made more than 10 years ago.”

Roger Ailes, former CEO of FOX News, was let go a few months ago after several female employees came forward with tales of his decades-long sexual harassment. His severance package was an estimated $40 million.

However, Bush is not totally out of the woods. Melania Trump blamed Bush for her husband’s comments, according to CNN.

“They were kind of a boy talk, and he was [led] on, like egg[ed] on, by the host to say dirty and bad stuff,” said Melania Trump in an interview with Anderson Cooper.

In the “Access Hollywood” video Donald Trump is seen bragging about “grabbing women by the pussy” while Bush eggs him on and encourages an actress to give him a hug.

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