Trump Pastor Mark Burns Says Obama is ‘Harbinger of the Apocalypse’

Pastor Mark Burns (YouTube)
Pastor Mark Burns (YouTube)

By Kevin Schaffino

Pastor Mark Burns, a supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, has labeled President Barack Obama a “harbinger of the Apocalypse.”

In an interview with the Conservative Chronicle, Burns said he initially looked forward to Obama’s presidency, but has been sorely disappointed.

“The Obama administration has presided over a time that has seen an unprecedented amount of perversion and immorality,” said Burns. “Men being allowed to use women’s bathrooms, gay marriage, women having authority over men, we are definitely in the last days. And Hillary Clinton will only bring on more perversion.”

Many Evangelicals have suggested that Obama is an agent of dark forces. According to Right Wing Watch, televangelist Jim Bakker said the president supports a one-world government.

Bakker claimed Obama “sounded like a representative for Antichrist” during a recent speech at the United Nations.

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