Peterson Vows to Fight Against the War on White Men

Jesse Lee Peterson (Facebook)
Jesse Lee Peterson (Facebook)

By Briana Marcos

Conservative commentator Jesse Lee Peterson warns that the war on white men will spell the downfall of America.

“White men have been responsible for everything good about America,” said Peterson on his radio show. “Declaring war on them is like America cutting its own throat.”

Peterson believes white men are under siege and has vowed to fight alongside them.

“The liberal-feminist-gay alliance has made white men public enemy no. 1,” said Peterson in an interview with the Conservative Chronicle.

According to Right Wing Watch, Peterson recently led a protest outside the Los Angeles office of Gloria Allred, who is representing several of the women who have accused Republican nominee Donald Trump of sexual assault.

“When Democrats are at risk of losing elections, they resort to accusing their Republican opponents of sexual misconduct or racism,” said Peterson in an interview with the Los Angeles Daily News.

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