Trump Supporters Accuse Paul Ryan of Being A ‘Secret Muslim’

Paul Ryan (YouTube)
Paul Ryan (YouTube)

By Jamal Whiteman

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump seems to be heading for a resounding defeat, but he is sowing discord in the Republican Party.

Trump supporters have stepped up their attacks against Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who they think has not been supportive of the reality TV star.

Some Trump fans on the far-right website Free Republic accused Ryan of being a “secret Muslim.”

“I think Ryan always had an alternative motive for not getting behind Mr. Trump,” said a poster called Buildthewall88. “Could he be a secret Muslim, like Obama? He wore a beard at one time, and you know Muslims wear beards. Was he trying to send a message to his backers in the Muslim world?”

According to Raw Story, the alt right site Breitbart, which is lead by Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon, has turned on Ryan accusing him of being pro-Muslim immigration.

“Ryan, who leads the pro-Islamic migration wing of the Republican party, has repeatedly rejected Trump’s call for curbing Muslim migration– despite the fact that Trump’s plan is supported by seven in ten Wisconsin Republican voters,” said Breitbart writer Julia Hahn.

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