Buchanan Says America Was Better When Blacks Knew Their Place

Pat Buchanan
Pat Buchanan

By Mary Washington

Former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan says America was a better place back in the 1950s.

“Back in the ‘50s everyone knew their place, whites over here, blacks over here, Mexicans over here and the women were at home raising the kids,” said Buchanan in an interview with the Conservative Chronicle. “Things functioned better when everyone understood where they needed to be.”

This is not the first time that Buchanan has looked backed on the era of legal segregation and rampant sexism fondly.

In an interview with NPR, Buchanan said America was a better country when it was dominated by white men.

“It’s an America like the country I — It’s an America like the country I grew up in, which was a pretty good country,” said Buchanan.

Many supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump like his message of making America great again. They seem to want go back to a past when minorities were neither seen nor heard.

In an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation,” “Barbara,” a Nevada voter who supports Trump, said she wanted to the country to return to a past era of “moral values.”

“I think that the laws that Obama has passed, the way the country has — I call it down turning. Some of the other people are proud of it and happy for it. I personally am against it, the homosexuals, the abortions. All the stuff, I am against,” she said.

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  • David Halliday

    The past seen through rose-coloured glasses. World War 2, the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, World War 1, the Irish famine, 1918 flu pandemic, the Civil War, the Trail of Tears, Slavery. It just goes on and on. Good times had by all.

  • Robert Kiernan

    Presidents don’t pass laws.. they sometimes sign them into being or veto them, but it is Congress that makes the laws and the Supreme Court that vets them. Pat had it pretty nice in the 50’s, nobody lynched him or his, of course he doesn’t seem to remember that Catholics had some pretty serious problems with the Klan a bit earlier on and that the church kind of had a hand in allowing the Nazis to get away with far more by looking the other way a decade or two earlier… Father Coughlin wasn’t everybody’s idea of a true man of God, but then Pat is pretty Opes Dei so he already is a bit off the mainstream of the faith.

  • Kathi

    Horrifying. This reinforces the notion that Trump’s rhetoric panders to the deepest, darkest bigotries inherent in humans. Sad. Disgusting. Scary.