Conservatives Abandon FOX News, Say It’s Too Liberal

Rupert Murdoch (YouTube)
Rupert Murdoch (YouTube)

By Hamish Balfour

Trouble seems afoot in right-wing world. According to several conservatives interviewed by the Conservative Chronicle, some Republicans are bailing on FOX News.

Joe Dillon, a Republican from Macon, Ga., said he has given up on FOX.

“The channel seems to be too liberal for me,” said Dillon. “I mean look at the sex scandal they had over the summer. Roger Ailes was fired for doing all kinds of terrible things to those gals. Conservatives don’t do that, that’s the kind of immoral thing that liberals do.”

Merle Phillips, a Republican from Oklahoma City, said he abandoned FOX because it wasn’t conservative enough.

“FOX was going easy on the illegals,” he said. “I think we need to do away with birthright citizenship and all the anchor babies. We need to put an electric fence on the border. Once we zap a few of them, they’ll get the message.”

Dillon and Phillips are not isolated in their views. According to Salon, FOX News’ reputation is plummeting in the eyes of Republicans.

“Since January, Fox News has seen a precipitous drop in its reputation amongst its mostly conservative viewership — falling to 50th place on a list of brands most trusted by Republicans over the past two years,” according to Sophia Tesfaye. “In 2014, the most dominant cable news channel was the 10th best-perceived brand by Republicans, according to AdAge. But in a YouGov Brand Index survey released at the end of February 2016, the perception of Fox News among Republicans had ‘declined by approximately 50 percent since January of this year’ — to a three-year low.”

Some media insiders claim Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is really using his campaign to gain free publicity for his new venture Trump TV. Trump TV will be an even more conservative outlet than FOX News.

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