Conservatives Call Powell ‘N-Word,’ ‘Slave’ After He Endorses Clinton

Gen. Colin Powell. (U.S. Department of State)
Gen. Colin Powell (rtd.) (U.S. Department of State)

By Jamal Whiteman

Retired Gen. Colin Powell has infuriated conservatives by saying he is going to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Powell also voted for President Barack Obama twice. Powell endorsed Clinton during a speech to the Long Island Association, a trade group, according to the New York Times.

“He said he would support Hillary Clinton and he also elaborated on several reasons why he felt that Donald Trump was not the right candidate,” said Long Island Association board member Paul Parcher. “He spoke about his (Trump) inexperience, he spoke about the messages that he’s sending out every day to his supporters, which really paints our country in a negative light across the globe with all our allies.”

Leaked email showed Powell being critical of Republican nominee Donald Trump, who he called “a racist” and “a national disgrace.”

However, Powell’s actions have infuriated far-right Republicans.

Brian Blank, spokesman for the National White Alliance, said Powell wasn’t “a real Republican”and also questioned his religious background.

“Powell looks and sounds like a Muslim,” said Blank in a press release. “He has said sympathetic things about Obama. Maybe they worship Allah together?”

Right-wing radio show host Michael Savage called Powell “a militant, black leftist.”

“He was for affirmative action and reparations,” said Savage on his radio show. “He’s likely affiliated with the Black Panthers.”

The commenters on right-wing site Free Republic were even worse. Some of them called Powell, a Vietnam veteran and former secretary of state, an “unpatriotic n**ger’ and an “affirmative action Bush baby.”

A poster called Rennes Templar wrote: “He (Powell) likes being a slave.”

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  • Jim Cougar

    Republicans proving once again that they are inherently racist.