Pastor Darrell Scott Claims ‘Silent Majority’ of Blacks Will Support Trump, African American Voters Disagree

Pastor Darrell Scott (YouTube)
Pastor Darrell Scott (YouTube)

By Mary Washington

In the final days of an exhausting presidential campaign Republican nominee Donald Trump is making a final appeal to black voters. Trump has managed to gather several black pastors to his side. Cleveland Pastor Darrell Scott, a Trump supporter, recently made an appearance on the Jim Bakker show, urging black voters to back the reality TV star.

“There’s a huge silent majority of blacks that are going to vote for Trump. I call them the incog-negroes,” said Scott.

According to Right Wing Watch, Scott stated that Trump was God’s candidate.

“We have to see which one of these flawed candidates are the ones that God has entrusted His agenda to and I think Donald Trump is the one that God has put him in His hand,” said Scott.

However, the Business Standard News interviewed several black voters who were skeptical of black pastors backing Trump.

Detroit resident Ennis Murphy said too many black pastors are in it for the money.

“Man, some of these pastors are thirstier than a stripper who’s two months behind her rent,” he said. “They would sell their own daughters for a new Chrysler 300. They think getting close to Trump is going to put more dollars in their pocket.”

Earl Watts, an Oakland resident, said he was also suspicious of black pastors.

“I don’t trust these pastors,” said Watts. “When one of them comes over to my house, I put a lock on the refrigerator, don’t let my wife out of my sight and leave my 9mm on the table, so he knows what’s up.”

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