Reptilian Aliens Say They’re Bailing on Earth

Alex Jones wearing an alien mask. (YouTube)
Alex Jones wearing an alien mask. (YouTube)

Marina Troy

One good part of Republican president-elect Donald Trump’s shock victory is it might cause Reptilian aliens to leave Earth.

A shape-shifting reptilian alien who goes by the name Jon Singer has contacted the Business Standard News to say his race is leaving the planet.

“Man, we are done with this planet,” said Singer. “You crazy motherf**ckers elected Trump. Good luck with that global warming thing. We just wanted to run things, but you can’t run a planet that’s too hot to live on. Deuces.”

Singler also added that his race was moving to Alpha Centauri.

“At least they didn’t elect Trump,” he said.

Trump supporter Alex Jones, host of the conspiracy theory show “Infowars,” is one of those people who believes the world is being controlled by a secret group of shape-shifting reptilian aliens. He also accused Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton of being an alien.

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